King Harvest (aconsciousflow) wrote in stand,
King Harvest

"Silent Power" by Stuart Wilde

"Money doesn't give you real strength; it just keeps you comfortable while you experience your dysfunction. The world of the ego is brittle, fragile, and insecure; it never feels really safe, and it has no lasting worth. The ego's world dies. More often than not, it self destructs. With the explosion of the mass media and the information superhighway, glamour, hype, and showing off have replaced true worth. The 32-second sound bite is more important than real facts. A glossy skimmed-down version of life is all anyone has time for, as each vies with the other for a momentary place in the sun"

This is just an excerpt from the beginning of the book, though it is a very small and short one. Some of the content may be seen as a tad elementary, but I think this is a great book no matter who you are, if anything for how eloquent it manages to be.
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